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DTE Consulting will help you"Do The Extraordinary" with your individually personalized coaching program:

4 Pillars of Extraordinary

Learn to take control of your money, your time, and your life.

Live a life of no regrets once we guide you through the 4 Pillars of Extraordinary.

Immediately start to see dramatic changes for the better! Expert guidiance every step of the way to create exponential personal growth and tangible results!

What's in the "4 Pillars" program?

Introduction: How to get the most out of the “4 Pillars of Extraordinary” program - Written information provided prior to your first live session to get you off to a fast start.

12 live and recorded coaching sessions via Zoom.

Each session is approximately 55min in length.

Module One: Know your Why: Simple steps to help you discover what matters most for you personally. In the very first exercise you will find exceptional clarity to navigate the daily demands on your precious commodity of all, your time.

Module Two: Know You: Easy to complete assessments to better understand why you do what you do and how to make simple adjustments that can make all the difference in going from an average life to an extraordinary life.

Module ThreeThrive: 12 easy to understand and apply principles for thriving in all areas of your life.

Module Four: Prioritize: Principles you can immediately apply and see results when it seems there is not enough time to get everything done.

Module FiveMoney: Taking the mystery out of money in a way that is easy to understand and implement changes for improved financial results.

Module Six: Change: Simple, easy to understand methods for embracing change. Massive improvement begins with the willingness to change.

Module Seven: Goal Setting: Removing the difficulty and common mistakes in goal setting and more importantly, goal achievement!

Module EightLeverage:  Unlocking the secrets of getting more done using the power of teams. Easy to apply team building principles and systems.

Module Nine: Communication: Focusing on the source of most interpersonal conflicts by learning to improve relationships with easy to apply principles for excellent communication.

Module Ten3 Plans: Step-by-step, easy to use instructions and resources to create comprehensive personalized plans to live an extraordinary life.

Module Eleven: Think:  An abundance of easy to apply methods and principles to adjust your thinking to achieve massive positive results.

Module Twelve: Sustain Your Success: A collection of proven principles and resources to help you sustain your success and achieve more than you every thought possible!

One size does NOT fit all. Easy to use customized assignments allow the unique differences of each person to be able to create results specifically tailored to the person!

Fast-Track Your ExperienceDTE Consulting and Desert Toad Expeditions have partnered with Wild River Adventures out of Riggins, Idaho to offer a 4 day/3 night "Do The Extraordinary River Retreat" to provide a life-changing environment to clear your mind, disconnect from the pressures of life, and find the answers to the most pressing questions you want to answer to create your personalized '3 Plans' of your 4 Pillars program.

Experienced Coach: A professional coach since 2005, 18+ years Rich Dad Coach in Financial Literacy and Life Plans, Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship. Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach. Coach Trainer. 25+ years of personal development study and application. Chris has personally coached 1000's of clients in over 130 countries.

 To learn more about the 4 Pillars program and/or the Do The Extraordinary River Retreats, text Chris at 801-410-2266 or email: chris@dtesuccess.com to get all your questions answered and enroll in your 4 Pillars program.


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